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Michele's Bio
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Michele Hill

Michele Hill - Lead vocals, is the newest member of Dajour, Buddy has been waiting years to partner with her. Michele has been singing for 20 years and is a veteran in the New England music scene.
Michele has performed with many groups and has always been the featured vocalist. Many consider her one of the top 5 female vocalist in New England. Michele was the former lead vocalist for Rhode Island top R&B act TWYCE, where she performed at many large venues including functions, concerts and private parties. Michele's influences are many but notably Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Anita Baker are probably her strongest influences because she is one of the handful of vocalist who can sing their songs with the same feel and emotion, also Celine Dion.
Michele is committed to making Dajour one of the top duo acts in New England and they're on their way.

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