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Michele & Buddy are Dajour

Buddy & Michele

When two of New England's Top R&B, Contemporary and Jazz Vocalists unite what you get is a "Truly Amazing Experience". Able to handle all musical venues "Dajour" is considered one of the most versatile acts in the N.E. entertainment scene.

Buddy has been performing for many years and is uniquely talented and he also knows how to work the crowd, from his soft medleys to his upbeat songs he has his captive audience under his spell, he is just such a pleasure to listen to.

With a great voice Michele brings a special flair to the duet which is very apparent in her solos and also in her duets with Buddy. She has been blessed with a beautiful voice and she definitely knows how to use it to capture the hearts of her audience.   Michele's experience is evident on stage as she works her magic by hypnotizing the crowd with her undeniable talent. 

Combined with their  musical talent and energy Dajour sets the stage for a fantastic evening of listening or dancing pleasure and will pull you into their musical  world with their seductive voices and style.

Dajour is very busy, aside from performing at the many clubs and lounges in the Rhode Island and Massachusettes area they also perform at many private functions throughout New England, their talent is very much in demand.

So if you have not had the distinct pleasure of the Dajour experience you owe it to yourself to check out this fabulous duet and let them know just what you think of them. 

Our new schedule has been updated please click on the 2004 schedule tab and check it out, we hope to see you at one of these venues.
Thank You
Michele and Buddy

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